*****Email shane_picciotto@optum.com if interested*****

There is no expiration to this post. We are always interested in talking with people who think we would be a good fit.

If you want to create market leading offerings and solve industry wide problems for UnitedHealth Group which will transform the healthcare system, you’ve come to the right place.

FUSION requires a unique blend of art and science. We balance entrepreneurial zeal, elite production, and customer/client empathy. We are currently seeking teammates for FUSION’s multi-disciplinary team to create market leading offerings and ventures for clients.

What’s the day to day look like?

You come in on Monday morning and find out…

Fusion is…

An enterprise accelerator. We combine leading market, product, experience, and design capabilities with deep industry knowledge and expertise. Our clients confidently bring us their biggest challenges and opportunities, knowing that we have the start-up mentality to bring a new experience to life within a Fortune 7 company.

Great ideas don’t just happen overnight, they can actually happen in an hour and a half.

Why Am I Talking About Branding?

“Hey I have this really good idea, here’s what it does, this is why we need it, but…what should we call it? What does it even look like?” I hear this a lot, and usually I can refer to my network of brilliant people who have tons of ideas on how to help. Originally, when I would get this question, I’d ponder it on my own, google search for inspiration, open photoshop, and doodle on an artboard to get the creative juices flowing. That’s…

Patrick Hanley

Design Thinking | Product Strategy | Brand Specialist | Inventor | Doodler

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